There for you, however you need us. Whether your need calls for one service one team member or all services with a team approach, for one project or a whole program, from initiation to closeout, Taurus has you covered.

Cost Management

Control your costs. Together we create a strategic project control plan that estimates your program costs, develops budgets, controls changes, and manages risk.  By continually forecasting and addressing both change and risk, we help reduce the chance of cost overrun and schedule delay.  From beginning to end, we ensure your budget is optimized, funding justified, and savings realized.  Your project, controlled.

Program Planning and Schedule Management

Plan to succeed. We start by identifying your strategic and program goals. With this end in mind, we establish a plan that meets your objectives and highlights challenges. As the program evolves from concept to reality, we work with your team to detail tasks, resources, and critical sequencing necessary to control the day-to-day work and preserve big picture objectives. Throughout, we provide scalable oversight and progress monitoring for real-time understanding of your project’s success.

Change Management

Plan the inevitable. During your project someone will suggest something different to what was planned, resulting in change.  It can happen at any point in your project’s lifecycle. Organizations that plan for and manage change effectively will pull ahead of targets and avoid issues that impact schedule and cost.  With a disciplined approach, Taurus will help create a control process to effect and monitor change from beginning to end.  We will help you define your change strategy, develop threshold targets, and manage the entire process to ensure you achieve your objective.

Program and Project Management

Advance with confidence. Our industry experience and no-nonsense approach brings clear communications to all stakeholders, identifies and reduces risk, and ensures quality and value throughout. Because we understand your business and work closely with you to deliver your objectives, successful outcomes are realized.

Risk Management

Identify and control threats. Taurus consultants are skilled at identifying potential risks in advance, to better assess and control threats to our client’s capital or operations.  We build a comprehensive plan of action, tailored specifically to your objectives, to identify, analyze, prioritize, and manage risk.  Planning for uncertainty will reduce risk that can derail your project, drive better communication between your project team and stakeholders, and support better decision-making and accountability.

Procurement and Contract Management

Negotiate better performance. We work to secure the best pricing and terms to deliver you the best profit.  We do this by putting in place strong and easily understood procedures to assess your project needs, identify the right suppliers and evaluate proposals.  Once suppliers are engaged, we help create, negotiate and methodically manage each contract to ensure that financial and operational risks minimized, and vendor performance maximized.

Owner's Representation

Advocate for you. We act as your agent throughout all phases of your program. From concept to closeout, we manage competing demands for scope, time, cost, risk, resources and quality, guided always by your perspective, values and goals.  We provide you with timely technical advice and communication, keeping you informed and in control   Acting on your behalf we deliver the outcomes your business demands.